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A Few People Relating Their Thoughts Regarding My Book...

"I like the way Arnie has structured his book because I was taught by my dad that taking care of your good customers is more important than finding new customers. To do that, you have to build a culture of outstanding service. That takes time, commitment, patience and monetary investment; qualities sorely lacking in many companies today. It demands constant attention to customer service and constant upgrading to the customer service culture. I'm glad Arnie put taking care of those good customers at the front of the book." -Danny O'Malia, Customer Service Consultant

"Stewart Title Services strives to give you personalized service by a team of professionals dedicated to meeting our client's title insurance needs. We at Stewart Title Services strive to provide magnificent service by inspired professionals. Our personnel have gained greater insight from Arnie in his new book." -Tom Fickle, President, Stewart Title of Indiana

"Customer Loyalty is won, one phone call, one e-mail, one member event at a time. We try to ask ourselves after every member interaction. Do they absolutely love us? Everybody's standards and needs are different and it is up to smart people empowered with the ability to help take care of problems and come out winning for our members that makes us succeed. We are suggesting this book for our members." -Tony Scelzo, Founder, Rainmakers

"It is critical to understand that the job of world-class customer service lies with every business partner in the value system, not just the consumer-facing retailer. The synergies available through a tightly-coupled and highly-collaborative system of business partners that offer the greatest opportunity for building customer loyalty." -Steven M. Balke Sr., Associate Director of Academic Affairs

"Customer loyalty is at the core of the business model for our Web 2.0 real estate business model. In today's environment, brands must increase ROI by catering to their existing customer base instead of ignoring them for new customer acquisition. Traditional forms of advertising are failing. Treating every customer like a VIP is the future of advertising and marketing. Arnie's book highlights the systems that companies must put in place for future success." -Andrea Gaddie, IT Consultant

"Marketing today must include knowledge of diverse markets. Chevrolet sent the Nova model car to Mexico and it never sold. Nova in Mexican means "No Go"; obviously it didn't work. Likewise in customer loyalty, knowledge regarding the client is critical. Arnie includes diversity initiatives in the customer loyalty programs." -Marshall Howard

"Our Goal at CommWorld of Indianapolis, is to provide our customers with a valuable resource for innovative applications of state of the art voice and data communications products: and to service and maintain those installations with careful attention to detail; to build on our reputation for customer confidence through our dedication and reliability. This book provides us several insights to accomplishing our customer loyalty goals." -Dave Barnhardt, CommWorld

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Almost a Millionaire Six Times

Can you believe this? Almost A Millionaire Six Times, an ebook full of lessons to be learned!


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Give Your Dog A Treat

A business building book, centered around strategies for creating more loyal customers, and more importantly, strategies for acquiring new customers.

Almost a Millionaire Six Times

Can you believe this? Almost A Millionaire Six Times, an ebook full of lessons to be learned!

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